Monella founded eMotion Entertainment to develop and produce projects with both commercial appeal and artistic depth. She believes that “telling a story” applies to many facets of business and this is the force that drives the success of any product. Making it a good story is her goal. Connecting people is her passion.

With a background in Journalism, Monella Kaplan has worked in various segments of the entertainment industry since the mid 90s. Born in Bucharest, Romania, raised in Munich, Germany and having lived and traveled throughout many cultures, she speaks six languages: Romanian, English, German, French, Italian and Dutch.

Previous to founding eMotion Entertainment, Monella created and realized since 2013 a number of LIFE Summit events. LIFE, an acronym for Luxury, Internet, Fashion, Entertainment, is an invitation-only global salon series connecting influencers from these four industries to establish strategic partnerships. LIFE in Cap Ferrat, LIFE in Paris, LIFE in London and LIFE in New York were the first four, LIFE in Los Angeles and LIFE in San Francisco are in the works.

Since 2010 Monella has focused on developing her strength in Marketing and Business Development. She consulted for Icon Distribution in the UK and was retained by Nu Image/Millennium Films to represent their studios in Shreveport, Louisiana and Sofia, Bulgaria. Later she added Brand Integration and Licensing to her retained services.

Previously, she headed the US office of Kentauros Studios, a Romanian film studio, as Senior Vice President of Production. In that position she was responsible for marketing Kentauros to US studios and production companies, creating the corporate identity, branding as well as developing projects for its in-house production.

Following her passion for the entertainment industry, in 2001 Monella was accepted into UCLA’s Producers Program and earned her third Master of Fine Arts in 2003. Immediately after graduation she joined Nu Image/Millennium Films and co-produced four feature film projects: FIRE and TORNADO in Romania, SNAKE KING in Brazil and EDISON FORCE in Vancouver, Canada.

Before moving to the US in 1997, Monella worked as a Journalist for various German print and television media companies, including the leading German magazine FOCUS, TV TODAY, RTL, Pro Sieben, and RTL2 and she continued working for these outlets for a number of years after her arrival in Los Angeles.

Monella earned her first two Masters degrees in Political Science and Communications from Ludwig- Maximilians-University in Munich.